Hi, I'm Rich Huttner. I coach key executives in improving their leadership and management skills.


What I do and who I am

One on One

My Background

Obviously, what's most important in an growing business is fulfilling its promise: New products are launched, the drugs works, the customers come, the business scales. Managerial leadership usually plays a crucial role in achieving all these objectives.

To support their success, key executives can benefit from an experienced, knowledgeable management coach who builds a trusting relationship with them, asks the right questions, makes relevant suggestions, and shares leadership techniques that are proven to work. Over time, they become stronger, more competent leaders who deliver excellent results.

My coaching is based upon what respected managerial authorities and researchers over 100 years have proven is effective. The outcomes will speak for themselves. 

  • Invest in your senior leaders, giving them the support they may need to excel.

  • Reduce their stress as they develop confidence and resiliency.

  • Enable them to build stronger teams, reduce team member turnover, and keep their companies on the road to success.

For the last 12 years, I've been a successful leadership and management skills trainer and coach. Over 200 companies have sent their senior leaders to my leadership workshops.


I’ve had a successful  prior career as an VC-backed CEO and entrepreneur, including selling one of my companies to Time Warner. 

Lastly, I've also taught organizational behavior in Northeastern’s MBA program and am the author of The Universal Management Principle Workbook – How to Manage Your Team Better. My MBA is from Stanford Graduate School of Business. 

How leaders benefit from my coaching

  • They have a dedicated expert who truly listens to them,

  • Who asks thoughtful questions that help them find their own correct path,

  • And provides helpful resources and courses of action that are proven to work.


Carol was head of sales who was promoted to the SVP Sales & Marketing slot that earned her a place on the top management team. I helped her understand the broader scope of her new role. She wrote me:

“Things are going great so far. Bob (CEO) called me a Hero after our worldwide Sales & Service Meeting last week which I led. One of my colleagues nominated me for The President’s Award for the last fiscal. You sure were right on when you helped me see my new role was like becoming the General Manager of a sports club rather than its team manager. My new job includes supporting and developing the managers in many departments who now report to me. Your advice about starting out with a listening tour was invaluable. I’ve had great success, and I love the new job!! Thanks again for all your coaching and guidance that help me solidify the promotion.”  


Tony was the inventor of a hospital infection-control monitoring device and architect of the AI software upon which his start-up tech company was based. A brilliant inventor, as CTO, he had to learn how to become a more patient team player and to handle less stressfully the give and take of becoming a senior member of the management team.  

Partially as a result of our conversations, Tony quickly matured in his role. He successfully led his company’s pilot project, resulting in a $20 M hospital system infection-control contract. His company has now embarked on its planned steep growth trajectory.


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If you're a CEO, Division Head, or HR Director, you want your company's leadership team to succeed. I bet you have  some key executives who could do even better with some thoughtful coaching. You don't really need to make major management changes; you just need a couple leaders to improve their leadership skills and emotional intelligence.

I can help. I can coach them to produce outstanding results, the results you want.


"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

Thomas Edison