Successful Manager -- a powerful leadership training program teaching key management skills you want your managers to know and they want to learn. 

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The three pillars of Successful Manager:
1)Skills You Want Your Managers to Use

First, we ask you, as the CEO  or head of HR, what key skills you would like your managers to learn, like taking on more decision-making responsibility or communicating more effectively.

2)Skills They Want to Learn

Second, we meet with your managers to ask in which skills they want to improve, such as emotional intelligence or giving corrective feedback.

3)Skills that Are Proven to Work

Third, we customize our workshop program to meet both needs. We teach only skills that multiple research studies show are effective. 

The Heart of the Program:

The Four In-House Successful Manager Workshops 

1) Autonomy and Mastery-- How to fully empower and develop team members so that they perform at their best.
2) Goal-Setting and Rewards – How to focus team members’ efforts on the tasks that count and appropriately recognize superior performance
3) Job Enrichment and Fairness – How to design work that is inherently interesting, involving, and motivating and the importance of always behaving fairly, ethically, and respectfully.
4)Transformational Leadership and the Power of the Team – How to create and implement a vision that inspires team members and leads the company to a future where everyone is excited to go. 

Train your managers to become outstanding leaders. For more information, please call us at 508-808-2021.