Meet the Founder

"I developed the Successful Manager program for two reasons:


One, I've never forgotten one of my direct reports telling me, 'I've enjoyed working for you. You really care about the people on your team. You should share your ideas on managing people."


Two, when I was teaching Organizational Behavior at Northeastern, a colleague mentioned the need for a program that explains to managers how to use proven motivational techniques from research studies few managers get to read.

The Successful Manager program is designed to meet both requirements. I believe it will be a great help to managers who enroll in it."

In his 40+-year business career, Richard Huttner headed divisions American Express and Time Warner and then served as CEO at three entrepreneurial companies: Baby Talk, Senior Golfer, and Weider Health and Fitness (UK).  

Subsequently, he was COO of the Levinson Institute in Boston and owned the Massachusetts franchise of Crestcom International, a worldwide leadership and management skills training company. Over 150 MA companies sent their middle and senior executives to the year-long  Crestcom leadership seminar series. 

Richard Huttner has also taught entrepreneurship and organizational behavior at Northeastern’s University’s D’Amore-McKim School of Business. He received his BA cum laude from Yale University and his MBA  from Stanford Graduate School of Business.