Coaching Together

Coaching Together is a group coaching program. A group of eight to ten managers meets periodically over a six-month period to help each other improve their leadership and management skills and to promote their professional growth. I lead the group. Here is how the program works:

Business Meeting

1.    Prior to starting, each manager takes and receives back the results of a 360 Feedback survey. Session one will be reserved for a general discussion of the survey results. Managers will be encouraged to share only what they feel comfortable sharing.

2.    In session two, each manager will present three initiatives for personal development and  growth. After receiving feedback from the group, each manager will write a personal action plan based upon these initiatives. 

3.    Over sessions three and four, the managers will then present their action plans, and the group will provide feedback, suggestions, and support. 

4.    Sessions five and six will be devoted to group coaching. Managers will help each other in the step-by-step execution of their action plans. I will contribute coaching pointers. As needed, I may also meet individually with selected group members.
5.    After the formal program ends, the group will be encouraged to meet on its own for continued mentoring and support.


6.    The entire group coaching experience, including actions plans and group discussion, will be conducted in the strictest confidence.